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to measure a year: october 1, 2011

{october 1, 2011, trappe, md}

And just like that, it’s been a year.

And the best one ever, at that!

a fun surprise, for a friday: our wedding featured on the cover of washingtonian bride & groom magazine!

When I got an email yesterday from my wedding photographer saying that she had a surprise for me, I had zero idea of what to expect.  Katie Merkle, who is the fabulously talented photographer behind Merkle Photography,  then sent me back an email with a picture labeled “from the editor’s desk” – with the above picture attached, of James and I on the cover of the Washingtonian Brides & Grooms Magazine!

She also let me know that our wedding was featured today on my favorite wedding blog, Style Me Pretty – you can see the whole post with pictures (and an extended photo gallery) here!

Katie had posted a link with pictures of our day after the wedding back in October 2011, and these two things (coincidentally on the same day!) were such a fun surprise to bring us back to all of the happiness we had that day together and with our friends and families, just over eight months ago.

A perfect way to kick off the weekend, I think!

(a very late) bits of my weekend: december 4th

{a fun banner to brighten up an unused corner}

This post is a bit tardy considering it’s already Wednesday, but as I’ve just finished vacuuming up the last bits of glitter and wiping any final stray spots of cabernet, I am finally now sitting down to sort a few posts out.  We had a perfect weekend out here in (fah-reezing cold) Colorado, complete with snow showers, live music, and a gathering of friends.

{our mantle, decorated with sparkly reindeer and mercury glass votives}

Friday evening we drove down to Denver for a friend’s birthday concert at the quintessential dive bar, where apart from having my nice wool coat stolen (people really still do that??) we had a great night sipping beer from cans (Tecate with lime for me) and checking out three new bands.  Saturday morning we awoke to six inches of the fluffy white stuff, coming down on top of the almost foot that we had the week before.  The pug alternated between avid snow bunny and fireside cuddler, and I spent the day preparing for the holiday party we had planned that evening, making holiday cookies, canapes, dips, and spiked cider.

{snowed in for the weekend}

In lieu of wine or food (which we knew we’d have gobs of), we asked guests to bring an ornament to trim our ‘newlywed & naked’ tree, and the idea was so fun to watch unfold.  Each person brought a sweet ornament that we promptly nestled into the branches of our Fraser Fir, and we ended up with the most gorgeous fully decorated tree which looked like it was wearing a collection we had curated for years.  Despite temps in the single digits, it was such a cheerful night with new friends from Boulder colliding with old (and new!) friends from Denver –  and if you hadn’t known better, I don’t think you could tell that James and I were the new kids on the block.  All in I think the party was a success, and though we will need to change up the theme next year, we both agreed that an early December Christmas party might just be an annual thing.

Here are some snaps from the weekend:

{holiday touches all over the house}

{piece de resistance}

{and just a few of the amazing ornaments we received….thank you!}

{the best holiday scent, ever}

{constant snow beard}

{very literally, up to her eyeballs}

{a game I made, which we drank too much cider to play}

{mirrored snow flakes}

{preparing the table for the holiday spread}

{keeping a theme of reindeer & sparkly accents}

{lingering reminders of the cold temps}

bits of my weekend: november 20th

I had a weekend that was much different than anticipated; on Friday morning I set off for Denver International Airport just as the sun was eeking it’s way up to cast it’s beams on the snow capped mountains.  I was off to Atlanta to be with a dear friend, in a very unfortunate time of need.  Though I wished the circumstances were better, I was still very much looking forward to seeing all of my girls and giving my best friend a much needed bear hug.  As I am sure each and every person has experienced before, the travel gods were not on my side, and after 8 hours waiting and a few glasses of much needed red wine it was clear that I wasn’t making it off terra firma.  After an exasperated trip back to Boulder, I unwound by going to see a bluegrass band with friends Friday evening, and made crisp edged buttermilk waffles with fresh berries Saturday morning.  Noodle bowls at ZoeMaMa Saturday night and a wonderfully relaxing Sunday rounded out the weekend, with a two-mile early morning hike in Chautauqua and hot tomato basil soup for lunch.  I’ve yet to get any snaps of our weekend, but here are some things I am loving right now:

{my absolute favorite year-round candle}

{the sweetest velvet pumpkins, my favorite pieces of fall decor that sit happily in our kitchen}

{snappy new shoes that i can’t wait to wear with some dark skinnies}

{our indoor sage, thyme, and rosemary, that is flourishing in it’s sunny spot}

{the start of decoration shopping for our upcoming vintage themed holiday party}

{a teeny little bank that i actually get excited to feed all my change to}

goodnight moon

I could’t help but include this snap of the gorgeous Colorado moon before it ducked behind the reaches of the Rocky Mountains.  Man…..do I love it here.

Goodnight all!