Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Ahhh, the engagement.

It is such a whirlwind! One moment there you are, just yourself, the prefix-to-a-friend part of a serious relationship nonetheless, but just yourself….and then all of the sudden with a four word question and a one word answer – it’s really that serious.

You’re no longer a girlfriend – you are a Fiancé.  All of the sudden everyone’s eyes immediately dart down to your newly adorned left hand, and they realize that you really aren’t going anywhere – it’s really that serious.

The funny thing is – I don’t feel so serious! I almost feel as if we are doing something wrong when people ask how engaged life is treating me – we’re exactly the same as we were.  Excited definitely, but serious and grown-up – not a chance.

And thankfully, I know that won’t change.

Keever Vineyards, Napa, CA

2010 Vintage, Cabernet

We got engaged in late October last year in Big Sur, California.  To sum it up: I was fooled into thinking we were tent camping in a state park (his mom even going so far as to send us head lamps and to me a copy of “Backcountry Betty”) only to be whisked into the most amazing and indulgent 3 days at the *incredible* Post Ranch Inn.  It’s the most special and important milestone to date in my life, and ya…..

Big Sur Coastline, CA

It was pretty awesome.

Carneros Inn, Napa Valley, CA

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA

Early morning hike, Big Sur

One of the first things you know your closest friends are waiting for is the phone call where you ask them if they’ll stand by your side on the big day, wearing whatever colors you forced upon chose for them, as your bridesmaid.  Choosing my maids was easy – I have 9 (!) wonderful, beautiful, and amazing girls that I could not be prouder to have by my side.  I wanted to do something unique and special to ask them, and held off bringing up the subject in conversation (not an easy thing to do!) for a few weeks.  I know there are dozens of cute cards you can buy, but I wanted to send something handmade and decided to craft little cards asking them the big question, to send individually by mail.  It was seriously enjoyable to get the excited phone calls one by one after a couple of days, and totally worth the effort.

I decided to go for a simple but girly pink and black theme, and used pink envelopes, textured ivory cardstock, pink cardstock for dresses, and black ink for the writing and stamps.  I found the stamps at a charming little store in the village called the Ink Pad – but you could easily find similar ones online.

I think they came out really sweet looking! And they could be customized infinitely: change the color of the dress, add embellishments like tiny bows & buttons, use a patterned back-card, change the shape of the dress…really limitless.

Pink Envelopes, 4 x 6”
4 x 6” Ivory Cards
Pink cardstock for dresses
Stamps (I used a bouquet stamp, and one that reads “you tickle my fancy”)
Black ink pad
Thin felt tipped black marker (I used a Copic pen)
Tiny stick on rhinestones
Good eraser
X-Acto knife and self healing mat (this is crucial for clean cuts!)
Rubber cement

Using cardstock, draw a dress shape and cut it out – this will be your stencil.  Lay it on the pink cardstock and trace the dress 9 times lightly with a pencil. Lay the card over the self healing mat, and (carefully!) use the X-Acto knife to cut out the dresses. Use the eraser to remove any pencil lines.

In pencil first, write in script “Will you be my Bridesmaid” on each dress, leaving room for the stamp and date at the bottom. Go over the pencil carefully with the marker, and erase any lines left behind.  Carefully stamp each dress.

Apply a thin coat of rubber cement on the back of each dress, and position them on the cards, leaving enough room to write the girl’s name on the top of the card.  Add the rhinestones.

While these dry completely, stamp the front of the envelope with the other stamp.  Cute!

Address each envelope neatly, and add a cute stamp (this is NOT the time to use an ugly liberty or flag stamp off the old roll kicking around in your drawer.  Be creative! Find some pretty ones!).  Slide each card into it’s envelope & send off.

Await phone calls impatiently!

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