Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

a fresh start to the week: grilled marinated mahi-mahi with mango basil relish

If I could bottle up just one feeling to save for dabbling behind my ears on rainy days and low moments, it would most definitely be that feeling that is Five O’Clock on Friday.

How is it that the weekend goes by in such a blur? On Friday afternoon you felt on top of the world, with the powerful wind of a full TWO days sans work at your back.  You giddily switched the alarm clock to OFF and mentally parcelled off your hours of freedom into dividers labeled ‘brunch,’ ‘girl’s dinner,’ and ‘dog park & a picnic’.  You set off that evening without a care in the world, opting to take cloud nine home from work instead of your usual depressing 6 train route.   The electric bill is to be dealt with later and the mountain of laundry to be abandoned for now – take THAT responsibilities.  Bring…oh…mah…WEEKEND!

{wait! there’s more…}