Daily Archives: June 27, 2011

brilliant, ruby, red: parmesan roasted red peppers

Over the years and throughout my professional career, as much as I have tried as to fancy myself the ‘serious’ type in the fashion arena I predictably and unsurprisingly fail miserably.  I’ve always had a certain type of envy for those women that fit naturally into the “Timeless” category with their choices of garb; those slim and impeccably appointed women who look so natural in well-tailored black trousers, slim leather belts, pearl earrings, and who nary have a single wrinkle (or stray tan colored pug hair  – gah!) on their blindingly white and crisp Theory shirts.

I never seem to quite fit into that polished and perfect persona.  Of course, after years of forcing my square peg into finance’s decidedly round hole, I own my share of dark pencil skirts, monochromatic get-ups, and sky-high black heels, and I’ll admit – it is fun to transform into that ideal every now and again.  However even when donning the most simplistic black sheath or white collared shirt, I cannot help but throw in a curve ball: a jangly pair of turquoise earrings, a pair of fun stripey pumps, or a bohemian printed silk scarf just to un-stuffy everything a little bit.

I just love COLOR.  I love long floaty dresses with bright abstract patterns and big chunky necklaces with twinkling glass beads. I love bold patent leather wedges and bright canvas sneaks and shiny gold sandals with skinny woven straps. I love stripes and polka dots and big blown-out florals, and sometimes think all three together are the cat’s pajamas.

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