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just eleven days: some bits of my weekend(s) & snippets of late

I’ve admittedly been quite distracted as of late, and for good reason – James and I will be tying the proverbial ‘knot’ in eleven days, and I am learning all too well just exactly what that phrase ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ pertains to in nuptial-land. (And in case you were wondering, exactly nothing feels like ‘small stuff’ at this point!)  The theme of our last few weeks has been details, details, DETAILS and most of my mornings have been filled with last minute changes of plate shapes (from square to round) and nerve-wracking final dress fittings (note to self: never eat a full order of pork and chive dumplings before having anything fitted.  EVER.).  Though I have been doing loads of cooking (and pug chasing), the actual processes of uploading, editing, and writing have fallen just a wee bit to the wayside.  You understand.

It’s a very funny thing, how the passage of time and anticipation play off of each other.  A year ago when we were engaged, ‘October first’ felt a lifetime away – and in many ways, it has been just that.  In navigating all of the life changing events that have hurtled our way in the past twelve months we have suddenly been presented with hot wings on Sundays and squash elbowing out the peaches at the farmers market – Fall is here.  Without much ado the months we luxuriated in counting down have suddenly become days, and as it always happens with anything you hold in anticipation, suddenly, it is time.  So now, with the Fall of two-thousand-and-eleven, my future Falls will not just be punctuated with the advent of pumpkin spiced lattes and brussels sprouts, but also with a wedding anniversary.  (Insert massive grin here).

Though I have been quiet I have been busier than ever, and within and around all of the planning I have managed to get my Fall off to a very pleasant start.  Here are a few bits and pieces of what I have been up to…

{enjoying some local brews at a festival at boulder beer}

{a local bead shop, where i picked out some gorgeous beads to craft into a necklace}

{a bit of sparkle is so fun – i’ll be doing this all fall in all colors.  inspired by emily}

{cornbread made in antique molds that my sweet parents sourced & gifted to me}

{dahlias to brighten up our kitchen for a dinner party with friends}

{red rocks, where we have already managed to see three concerts since moving to boulder}

{i tried, and i think succeeded, to eat my weight in heirlooms}

{cheerful straws to stick in everything}

{the first time i have seen hops in person – they are so floral & fragrant}

{an indulgent yet simple dinner-for-one – grass-fed filet & grilled vegetables}

{with good food and great beer, i can hardly complain its football season}

{bbq pork to celebrate the last days of summer}

{impromptu sunday night nectarine galette}

I am so sad to see the Summer slip away, but I am bursting at the seams to see what this wonderful Fall has in store.



reigning terrorist of the front range: winnie bear

Can you imagine a world where each time you burped, feel asleep on your back snoring, tipped over while taking a sharp corner, or (God forbid) had an accident on the floor, other human beings would clasp their hands together and tilt their eyebrows skywards while cooing “AWWWWWW!!!!!”

I tell you, this whole puppy thing is a racket!  Our little Winnie Bear has scootched her rear right into the middle of our family with such self assuredness, it’s as if she has been here all along.  Our nights have been punctuated with 2am pee runs and having my shoelaces untied seventy-five times has never been so hilarious.  She chases her little corkscrew until she is so spun-out she staggers, she still has that familiar funky-yet-comforting puppy breath, and five o’clock is without fail her ‘maniac hour’ – total crazytown.  Being naughty has never been so cute; she weaves the t.p. down the hallway and eats the tops of all the flowers in the garden and we cannot help but smile, laugh, and tickle her buddha belly.  Here are a few new shots of the Princess of Terror:

{mwahahaha….what to destroy, what to destroy…}

{and just what are you laughing at? haven’t you ever seen a tail?!}

{i must ruin this garden!! I JUST MUST!!!}

{fetch is for wimps.}

{what you can’t see: it’s 6am and i’m not tired mommy!!!}

{oh goody! you’re making salmon? i love salmon!}

{im getting just [yawn]…tho thleepy…}