Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

last weeks calm before the storm: this autumns fiery foliage

Before the weather went and got all schizophrenic on us, we were in the midst of one of the most gorgeous fall foliage displays I have ever been privy to, in person. (And by schizo I mean picnic weather Monday and a blizzard complete with fifteen inches of snow on Tuesday – say whaaaaaaa?)  The colors here were literally mesmerizing; over the weekend I almost caused a pileup at the intersection of 9th and College while rubbernecking at the ombre pigments of the maples and aspens bordering the historic Columbia Cemetery, which looked as if a fiery paintbrush had been drug across the tips of the trees.  All around brilliant jeweled leaves twirled and danced in the light breeze, to eventually settle on the still plush emerald blades, against the backdrop of mountains.  Even just strolling down my street I couldn’t help but have my head turned straight up, mouth agape, to bask in the surreal golden glow that the transparent leaves cast down upon us as the warm evening sun bore through them.

I’ve heard many locals remark that this was one of the most beautiful Falls in recent memory; being still a new-comer, I can only hope that this is definitely not the case, and that I’ll have these amazing October’s to look forward to year after year after year.  Now that the snow is melting, it’s apparent that the spindly bare branches have been stripped of their adornments – a sad sign that Winter, she means business, and she is just up over the horizon.  Tonight they are calling for another storm, with snow to pile up four to eight inches thick.  Although I have to admit I am already excited to sidle up to the warm fireplace tonight with a glass of wine, I am so glad that we took some time to enjoy the foliage, have a picnic, and capture some of Fall’s finest offerings.

{a view down our street}

{ivy changing its shade}

{the brightest shade of red}

{picnicking before dusk}

{making sure to pour juuuuust the right amount of bubbles}

{yellow canopy}

{jewels scattered on the ground}

{colors lining every street}

{still a bright blue sky}

{looking out over chautauqua}

{a gold tinged profile}

{chilling in the park}