Daily Archives: November 20, 2011

bits of my weekend: november 20th

I had a weekend that was much different than anticipated; on Friday morning I set off for Denver International Airport just as the sun was eeking it’s way up to cast it’s beams on the snow capped mountains.  I was off to Atlanta to be with a dear friend, in a very unfortunate time of need.  Though I wished the circumstances were better, I was still very much looking forward to seeing all of my girls and giving my best friend a much needed bear hug.  As I am sure each and every person has experienced before, the travel gods were not on my side, and after 8 hours waiting and a few glasses of much needed red wine it was clear that I wasn’t making it off terra firma.  After an exasperated trip back to Boulder, I unwound by going to see a bluegrass band with friends Friday evening, and made crisp edged buttermilk waffles with fresh berries Saturday morning.  Noodle bowls at ZoeMaMa Saturday night and a wonderfully relaxing Sunday rounded out the weekend, with a two-mile early morning hike in Chautauqua and hot tomato basil soup for lunch.  I’ve yet to get any snaps of our weekend, but here are some things I am loving right now:

{my absolute favorite year-round candle}

{the sweetest velvet pumpkins, my favorite pieces of fall decor that sit happily in our kitchen}

{snappy new shoes that i can’t wait to wear with some dark skinnies}

{our indoor sage, thyme, and rosemary, that is flourishing in it’s sunny spot}

{the start of decoration shopping for our upcoming vintage themed holiday party}

{a teeny little bank that i actually get excited to feed all my change to}