bits of my weekend: january 29th

{a stroll through chautauqua just before the sun started to set}

This weekend went by even more quickly than most; we kicked things off Friday evening with an amazing dinner at Mateo: chicken pate with housemade confiture, mussels in a spicy-sweet fennel and tomato broth, trout seared to a light-crusted perfection, and a delicate beet salad, dressed in a thankfully-not-at-all-overwhelming truffled dressing.  As we sat there chatting up the barkeep (a fellow NYC transplant), we were treated to samples of their newest cocktail (a divine concoction containing two of my favorites: campari & prosecco), indulged in a few glasses of red wine, and shared a ‘black’ Manhattan.  As such, we were in a very festive mood, and instead of heading back home to call it a night (as was our original plan – and it always is, right?), we veered off course over and up to The Hill.  We decided to re-live our collegiate days by settling in at The Sink, and then headed over to The Fox to catch a bluegrass show.

Despite being a bit foggier than anticipated on Saturday morning, we woke up early and had a feast of smoothies, blueberry pancakes, and eggs made luscious and perfect by cooking them ‘low and slow’ and stirring in a dollop of creme fraiche.  I’ve tried just about a zillion pancake recipes, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Alice Water’s buttermilk version is simply the best – fluffy cakes with brown and crisp buttery exteriors that are the perfect vehicles for transporting maple syrup directly to a rumbling tummy.  After breakfast we hit the road, and shot on over to Denver to be treated to an afternoon of meeting and snuggling our dear friend’s new arrival.  As expected, her new little man was nothing short of perfect, and I spent the rest of the weekend trying to swaddle Winnie and hold her like an infant.  (Kidding…..but not really!).

We met up with a favorite couple Saturday night for beers and burgers at The Mountain Sun, which is a cozy local brewery that has possibly the nicest wait staff I’ve ever interacted with.  A nice, long, sleepy Sunday morning was just what I needed, and on the menu tonight is a big dish of chicken Parmesan over fettucini: just what the doctor ordered to take off the chill that the whipping wind has imparted in our bones today.

Here are a few snaps from the weekend:

{the spiciest most flavorful chai: mix & heat equal parts with vanilla almond milk}

{a favorite makeup palette, which i hear there is an excellent ‘#2’ version to}

{pate & petite syrah}

{blueberry, strawberry, mango, fage 2%, & ice}

{planning out my next few weeks – i’m a list lover}

{lord knows these fat blues can’t be local, but they were perfect}

{crispy & fluffy}

{great seats for a great show}

{organized old earrings from the back to the front so i’ll wear them more}

{too many neck scratches to count}

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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