bits of my weekend (iphone edition): february 12th

{view from my window seat leaving CO}

Friday afternoon, I embarked on an impromptu trip to Cape Cod to spend the weekend hanging out and relaxing with my family.  I’m lucky enough to have a pilot for a Brother (Cash) who hooks me up with his buddy passes, so last minute trips like this are not only inexpensive and easy to make, but are ideal ways to squeeze in cross-country visits without planning too far in advance.  We had a house full of both human and canine company, with my Grandparents, Brother formerly living in China (Seth), and Aunt (Steph) all there, and a total of six dogs (yes, six — two puggles, two pugs, one papillion, and one yorkie) running circles around our ankles.  It felt really nice to be back at a warm and lively home base – even if only for just barely 48 hours.

All Winter I’ve heard how seasonally temperate it’s been on the Cape, but I must have drug the frosty Colorado weather out with me, as Saturday brought big flakes of (non-sticking) snow, and, despite the misleading blue skies, Sunday presented us with very chilly temps barely eeking above twenty degrees.  Despite my exaggerated shivering noises (once a drama queen, always one, right?) we soldiered on both days and took all of the dogs for long walks in Talbot’s Point, and warmed up back at home with big portions of shepherd’s pie, chicken tikka masala, and slices of apple cake.

Here are a few snaps of my lovely weekend (all photos taken with Instagram):

{ready to board: DEN –> BOS}

{a nametag for Winnie, that my Dad hammered out by hand}

{singing to stuart, my parents cockatiel – he’s particularly fond of tv jingles}

{baking my favorite apple cake for saturday night}

{the massive wild turkeys, who are constant fixtures in our yard}

{{i would be too if i was getting fed this well!!!}}

{otis – the family patriarch pug.  a face that only a mother (and me!) could love}

{hot shepherd’s pie}

{puggles daisy and bogie, soaking up warm sunday sunshine patches}

{the on-your-lap-table-chin-rest: her specialty}

{chasing the sunset on my way back out west}

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend – I’m so looking forward to Valentine’s day and a three day weekend this weekend!!



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