bits of my weekend (according to instagram), march 4th

{a very relevant affirmation, at the current moment}

Though I can’t say I’ve had many weekends that aren’t fulfilling and wholly delightful, those that we can spend in the company of dear friends are undeniably the finest.  This weekend, we were fortunate enough to spend our time in the company of our newly engaged friends Mary and Mark, who flew out to Denver from Manhattan early last Wednesday for a bit of respite from city life and a taste of saturated Wintertime out West.  Mark and Mary (or M&M as we have taken to calling them) are the epitome of ‘easy company,‘ and showing them around our new hometown and taking a trip up to the mountains was all at once totally effortless and completely enjoyable.

Before heading up to Vail, we had a couple of relaxing days spent in Boulder, taking them to a few of our favorite local haunts, and showing them a glimpse of what life in our (sorta) new hometown has been like for the past six months.  We set our alarms earlier than the crack of dawn (5:45 am style!) on Friday morning so we could get a head start on the mountain, and were gleefully knee-deep in freshly fallen powder only a few hours later.   Though most of the Winter the mountains have been begging for snow, it seems like we have finally turned a corner just in time for the warmer Spring conditions, and the mountain forecasts as of late have been thankfully riddled with the fluffy white stuff.  After a full day on the slopes and with fuchsia wind-burned cheeks to prove it, we settled into a fun evening full of recuperating in the hot-tub, enjoying libations during apres, a delicious dinner at Bully Ranch, and a few rounds of late-night bowling.

As it always is, I was so sad to see M&M off at DIA late on Saturday, but knowing that we all would be afforded a Sunday of true rest in our respective homes was comforting in itself.  Being back at our usual elevation of five-thousand-three-hundred feet, James and I treated ourselves to a quiet night of oysters and wine at Jax Fish House, then bopped over to the The Kitchen for dinner, where we experienced one of the better meals I’ve had as of late.  We cozied up to the bar, and were spoiled by the affable bartender and the lovely GM with a plate of char-grilled head-on shrimp and Ingrid’s mussels on the house that almost left me with no spare room to devour my charred wahoo (note: I managed).  It was the perfect way to wind down a perfect weekend, and today I’ve got only plans to take a long hike with the dog, gather up groceries for the week, and attend to this here little blog.

In other words: my ideal day.  Here are a few snaps from the weekend, according to instagram:

{lunching with our friends mark & mary at a favorite french bistro}

{shopping & reflecting on pearl street in boulder}

{sampling a delicious funkwerks saison – a favorite fort collins, CO brewery}

{spotted & hearted: a colorful glass chandelier}


{bluebird skies on an early morning drive to the mountains}

{stopping in to score an eight o’clock reservation}

{a saturday night treat: the most lovely dinner at the kitchen}

{curling up with a glass of gruner and a new cookbook, gifted by a best friend}

{patiently awaiting our arrival in vail valley}

{friday night strike-seeking at bol}

{jamison & bowling kicks}

{an all-time favorite}

{suppering at bully ranch, in the sonnenalp}

{much deserved post run IPAs at the tap room}

{posting up at jax for some grilled oysters and crisp white}

{peel’n’eat shrimp – a chilled-seafood-kinda saturday night}

{insanely good speck-wrapped rabbit loin, the kitchen, boulder}

{electric skies to cap off a great weekend}

2 responses to “bits of my weekend (according to instagram), march 4th

  1. Beautiful pictures of my lovely little town. OK so Boulder isn’t just mine..I have to share…You guys were all over the place. Yummy food choices.

  2. thanks connie! haha….we were all over the place! one of the benefits of living somewhere so fun, that everyone wants to visit. i must oblige them with lots of restaurants and good spots, right?😉

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