bits of my weekend, according to instagram: may 7, 2012

{view from the top of bluebird-baird trail}

There most definitely is an art to having a perfect ‘quiet‘ weekend.  Weekends, after all, are for putting the inevitable vexes and woes of that five-day stint on that lesser used back burner, and for giving yourself time to tune-out of work and tune-in to yourself.  After coming back from vacation and celebrating a milestone birthday for one delightful husb, we both were feeling the need for a couple of days sans late night plans or early morning starts, with plenty of relaxing downtime (and a few gym visits) in between.  Though on a super sleepy Tuesday night it is easy to swear off any and all activity (“I’m going to sleep at nine o’clock both nights this weekend and sleeping in ’till noon!”), once Friday creeps around it is inevitable that a little nagging voice will start begging for just a wee bit of something fun.

And the craft of injecting just enough fun into those two too-short days – but still being able to come out the other side with clear head and rested mind – is one I think we nailed this weekend.  We scrapped our plans to eat dinner at home on Friday, opting instead to take full advantage of the warmest day of the year, and headed downtown to join what felt like all of Boulder basking in the warmth of the sunset on Pearl Street.  We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a few hours early with spicy strawberry margaritas on the patio at Centro, and checked out a new pizza bar for dinner, where we had lots of red wine, crispy fried seafood, and shared a great big bowl of cappellini pomodoro.

We started the actual ‘Cinco’ in a decidedly more healthy manner by kicking the day off at the gym – and then continued by undoing all those good intentions with a lunch date out for shrimp and veggie tacos to properly honor the holiday (and possibly had a couple of mid-day margaritas – but we practically had to, right?).  We drove to Denver that night to celebrate the birthday of a very good friend, and arrived just in time for a barbeque full of family and friends.  We sat outside on the patio that evening catching up and enjoying each other’s company – sipping wine, talking about the advent of the ‘super moon‘ (which it ended up being too cloudy to see!), and reflecting on all of the lovely and unexpected twists and turns that our lives are taking as we grow older.

The crazy-warm weather we have been having started to break on Sunday morning, and that was just fine.  The lower temps and crisp blue skies were perfect conditions for an early hike, and gave me the opportunity to spend some time watering the garden without risking a fierce (and unattractive) farmer’s tan.  (Once burned, twice shy in that respect!).  We grilled out on our deck for lunch, and readied ourselves for an hour-long late afternoon drive to Fort Collins for a visit with Spencer, one of James’ best friends, and his family.  Though normally the word ‘drive’ has a negative connotation to it – one that conjures up visions of ‘are we there yets’ and long stretches of boring nothingness – here, even the time spent in a car that is necessary to get from point A to point B can be breathtakingly special.  This drive was no exception, and as we made our way through the countryside we passed by idyllic farmhouses, rolling green hills, and white fences spanning around farm animals munching away on the lush grass.

We finally arrived to Spencer’s family’s gorgeous home, and spent the afternoon playing horseshoes (or in my case, attempting to do so), laughing a lot, and watching the four dogs tussle in the grass.  Before dinnertime, we hopped on the Gator and took a spin over to the family farm, where I giddily cozied up with a pen-full of pigs, tried to woo cows closer to me for a nose scratch (no dice), chased chickens around and picked some freshly laid eggs, and climbed into a coop with this year’s baby chicks.  I love farm life, and I ran around the grounds snapping as many pictures as I could.  After a bit, we arrived back at the house to settle in for a supper of incredibly tender steak raised by the family, elk hunted and wild-caught by Spencer’s father Ken, and a perfect simple salad and dish of sauteed wild mushrooms prepared by Spencer’s mother, Paisley.

Being so far from our respective home towns, having two opportunities to sit down amongst two terrific families and share in their laughter over delicious home cooked food and great conversation in one weekend is truly priceless.  We managed to intertwine just enough time with friends into the perfect amount of time relaxing, and settled in Sunday night feeling like our little ‘quiet‘ weekend had been absolutely, perfectly, complete.

{‘helping’ to fold the laundry…aka playing dead when caught with my socks}

{date night: striped loafers + white skinnies}

{an anklet i haven’t stopped wearing}

{cinco de mayo margarita debates: i went for the hot rosser}

{cinco drinks at centro}

{the laziest cinnamon bun, who hates getting out of bed}

{hello, summer!}

{our literal ‘backyard,’ setting off for a hike early in the morning}

{rolling greens + blues}

{one uber-excited hiker}

{leaps + bounds}

{not quite the top, but the view of the city is still nice}

{sustenance: quinoa cakes filled with raclette & chopped arugula}

{topped with yogurt + hot sauce, the perfect lunch}

{a ridiculous pose – chillaxin, i think is the correct term}

{diving into fritto misto}

{my chatting up the pizzaiolo caused him to burn one….oops!}

{a sweet surprise package from my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, kara – a girl after my own heart!}

{making good use of the 90 degree temps, poolside}

{a fresh + clear eyed red snapper}

{stuffed with lemon + fennel + grilled = the perfect hot-weather meal}

{baby chicks! in fort collins, co}

{tuckered out on the drive home after playing all evening long with friends on the farm}

6 responses to “bits of my weekend, according to instagram: may 7, 2012

  1. Ha, weird! I think we did all the same things this weekend – I hiked at Chautauqua on Saturday and went to a weird little petting zoo in Fort Collins on Sunday🙂

  2. Lucky you – what a beautiful area for a backyard!

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  4. Great photos – the pug chillaxin PRICELESS – thanks for sharing!

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