on monday morning reflections + bits of my weekend, according to instagram: june 11th, 2012

{a backyard orchid, plucked to liven up the coffee table}

I stood outside in the garden early this morning, trying to sneak in a few minutes with my lettuces, kale, crowning broccoli, and fledging tomato plants before the sun rose entirely in all of its scorching glory and bore down upon us with its powerful rays.  It is really quite warm this time of year at eight o’clock in the morning; in Colorado, when you live a mile up in the air and that much closer to the sun, you learn to savor those moments both early and late in the day where you are cloaked in that wonderfully dry warmth, but not yet drilled down upon by the hot, hot sun.

As I spun the squeaky and rusty dial, I felt the hose jerk and quiver in my hand as the water surged through the snaking green plastic.  After a few perfunctory snaps and pops, the sound of the cold water flowing through the nozzle, arcing up into the air, and then twanging down upon the broad leaves of the green vegetables was incredibly satisfying.  Somewhere in the neighborhood I heard a lawnmower start, and Winnie watched intently as the leaves shivered and shook with pleasure underneath their cold shower.

We’ve got clear skies and high-seventy degrees on tap today, and I took solace in knowing that even though our sprinklers watered last night, I was going the extra mile and fueling our little patch up with just a bit more moisture – a wet security blanket, of sorts, to help them through yet another hot day with their shoulders held high.  Imagining how good it must feel, I impulsively turned the hose onto my bare feet and legs, and was shocked at how incredible the cool water felt as it rushed over my shins, down around the insides of my feet, and in-between my toes, soaking the grass beneath me.  I closed my eyes, and felt strangely nostalgic – for eight in the morning on a Monday, anyway.  My mind was back in the Summer mornings of my childhood, where once the burden of the school year was lifted off our our bony shoulders, we would seize any and every opportunity to be barefoot, outside, playing with the hose.  Moments like these – spent barefoot surveying our little patch of homegrown food – I wonder if I ever really could go back and live in a city.  These quiet and modest times spent outside in a real backyard have been so few and far between for me through my concrete-jungled years, and I think it would be very hard to ever give them up.

The weekend was fantastic.  We hit up a food truck meet-up on Friday night, where we stuffed our faces with all manner of local goodies and drank pints from some of our favorite breweries.  We recovered on Saturday poolside, and had a good friend and his adorable new baby bundle over for a relaxing supper of mussels in an Indian curry broth, pan-seared halibut, spring pea puree, and big scoops of homemade honeyed-peanut ice cream for dessert.  Sunday was spent dotting i’s and crossing t’s, as mostly they tend to do, with a little bit of room leftover for some reading, painting, and playing fetch with She who rules the roost.  It was a good one, indeed.

{this happened}

{chilled cucumber soup from the kitchen next door}

{h burger, on east pearl street}

{time out to catch a few rays}

{go-to lunch: avocado-greek yogurt salad with pickled jalepenos and cilantro}

{friday night fun}

{happy hour}

{a cherry custard tart}

{relaxing poolside}

{because sleeping wedged in between pillows is totes normal}

{iced + sparkling hibiscus blueberry tea = genius}

One response to “on monday morning reflections + bits of my weekend, according to instagram: june 11th, 2012

  1. Loving your photos – I swear the puggle is smiling:) Have a Great Day!

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