the boulder food truck party + walking if off the next day

We kicked the weekend off last week by driving up to Gateway Park in North Boulder and checking out the first ever Truck It! Food Truck Party that was being held early on Friday evening.  I know these kinds of things tend to get crowded, and we were lucky we got there when we did; by the middle of the event, there were thousands of adults, kids, and dogs all vying to get a bite of something tasty.  In all, there were ten trucks from the Boulder area that attended: (The Tasterie Truck, Heirloom, RollinGreens, Comida, Blackbelly, Verde, Top of the Hill Grill West, Crock Spot, Street Eats, and Sweet Cow.  Of course anytime you are going to have thousands of people gathered from 5-8pm on a hot, dry, and sunny day, you’ve got to have some great beer – and a little music wouldn’t hurt anybody either.  My two most favorite Boulder brewhouses, Upslope and Avery, both had tents and had cold suds on tap all night long, and there was a DJ piping out music across the park.  All of the beer was poured by volunteers from the nonprofit Parenting Place, and all beer sales proceeds went directly to help support them – a really nice gesture from both breweries at such a family oriented event, I thought.

I have eaten at a few of the trucks a good bit before; Heirloom, RollinGreens, Comida, and Verde are all favorites, so I was really looking forward to focusing on trying out a few of the others.  After standing in line waaaay too long at Street Eats, I caved when I saw a sudden lag in the RollinGreens line, and dashed over to secure a spot.   I ordered up a cheeseburger stuffed with fresh poblano chilis (a girl can’t survive on beer alone, you know), and it was awesome – just the right amount of heat, charred on the outside and medium rare in the middle.  James returned with a reindeer sausage in hand (of course), and though I had twangs of guilt and felt like I was cheating on Santa (poor Blitzen!) when I bit into it – it was really darn good.

All in it was a great event. Very crowded – yes, and with lots of obstacles to maneuver around with a full beer and loaded up plate (read: strollers, dog-leash booby traps, and lots of enthusiastic ankle-biters), but it all added to the relaxed convivial vibe of the event.  After grabbing a quick cone of Ozo Coffee flavored ice cream from Sweet Cow (My favorite coffee shop scooped into a cone?? Yes please!), we headed back downtown for some music and wine at the St. Julien Hotel.  We continued on with some friends till much too late (hitting up Bacaro and the underground Salt bar in the process), and the next morning were ready for a long stroll and a nice meal – one that could be eaten sitting down without obstacles, that is.  We took the time to enjoy the quiet morning along the river, and took Wins in for a nice dunk in the frigid water – water that is mountain run-off, and is absolutely freezing despite lingering temperatures in the high 80s.  We stopped back into Salt for a nice lunch, and spent the rest of the day snoozing off the previous night’s indiscretions poolside in the sunshine.

{quite a crowd spilling out of the entrance}

{first things first: cervezas}

{much better}

{a great concept}

{my current favorite – unfortunately i didn’t have it in me to face the long line}

{the always delish rollin’ greens}

{a poblano stuffed cheeseburger from rollingreens – my favorite of the night}

{i really love living in such a supportive community that is so proud of their own and actually cares about what goes into our food + families}

{wild game sausages – my better half was not about to pass up on one of these}

{reindeer sausage}

{in a red-white-and-blue kind of mood}

{street eats truck}

{sweet cow ice cream – the ozo coffee flavor drew me in}

{one of my favorites: super fresh burritos with awesome homemade salsas}

{enjoying a glass of savignon blanc al fresco with live music at the st julien}

{hard to believe our lettuce looked like this last month….}

{and now looks like this! we have lettuce and kale coming out of our ears.}

{coming along nicely}

{an early saturday morning stroll}


{a creek peek, walking in the shade}

{under broadway}

{a cool dunk for a hot dog}

{snow melt is COLD!!!!!}

{a biking town indeed}

{fresh + simple salad nicoise}

{seared corvina + shrimp over a black rice + quinoa cake, with carrot ginger sauce  – the star was actually that cake: crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle}

One response to “the boulder food truck party + walking if off the next day

  1. Looks like a blast – great photos – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Day:)

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