bits of my weekend, according to iphone instagram: june 18, 2012

{gorgeous blooms lining the street outside the hotel boulderado}

This weekend was the last that I will spend in Boulder until July;  with Telluride Bluegrass Festival kicking off mid-week this week (and a seven-hour drive to Telluride looming in my future) and a wedding in Deer Valley the following, I wanted to be sure that in and around enjoying ourselves, we also had plenty of downtime spent at home.  Of course, that proclamation is always easier in theory, and as such, we ended up squeezing quite a bit into our little forty-eight-hour bookend days.

We kicked things off Friday by casting aside plans for a home-cooked night in, and headed down to Spruce Street for a sushi dinner.  I had been craving sushi, and Sushi Zanmai is the perfect place to post up with a bit of unfiltered sake and a couple of their house special rolls.  Dinner was fantastic, and with daylight eeking into the late evening hours, it was too hard to simply to pay our tab and head home. We cozied up at an outdoor table at Shine, and watched as what felt like all of Boulder flitted out and about, with everyone taking full advantage of the insanely warm night.  We woke up on Saturday to shockingly cool temps – and by shocking, I mean that they were somewhere in the seventies instead of our lately-typical-and-scorching nineties.  The weather was perfect; we had plans that evening to head out to Red Rocks Amphitheater out in Morrison, Colorado, and knowing that we had cool breezes in store versus enduring pounding rays of sun gave everyone reason to sigh with relief.  Red Rocks is now our ‘local’ music venue, tucked into the side of a mountain against and around massive slabs of red rock that jet out of the earth and up into the sky.  Seeing a show there is the epitome of the perfect Summer night, and this was our first (of many to come) this season.

We brunched on Sunday at our favorite, Brasserie Ten Ten, and followed that up with a trip to our favorite pet store to load up on goodies for our sweet furry baby – who turned ONE last week (where did the time go?!).  We headed back to Morrison last night for a barbeque with some family friends, and it was the perfect way to wrap up a weekend that was just busy enough to fly right by us.  Yesterday and today the temperatures here are back nudging up against record highs, and it’s back to ninety-five with scorching rays as we speak – the air conditioning is humming, and the puglet will have to wait until the sun ducks behind Chautauqua for her walk today.  I’ve got some pecan crusted chicken and farro salad on the menu tonight, and I’m looking forward to a few days at home before we set off on the first of a few great weekends.

{thank goodness i went to the dmv equipped with a distraction}

{pay attention to me and stop painting this table!}

{homemade carrot cake with mascarpone icing for breakfast}

{“it’s my birthday, and i’ll sleep as late as i wanna”}

{swatch watch: bringing back the 90’s [and hiding a nasty burn underneath]}

{thumb, meet meat slicer: thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it first looked}

{pomegranate lime for me, extra dirty for he}

{seats taken: saving spots at shine}

{up and at ’em saturday morning breakfast}

{new poog obsession: cantaloupe}

{just because it’s friday tulips}

{copper river salmon: and the season winds down}

{red against blue: red rocks amphitheater}

{first red rocks lemonade of the summer}

{front + center seats}

{very weird.  i have no idea who would do such a thing….?}

{stop and smell the snapdragons}

{an evening at sushi zanmai}

7 responses to “bits of my weekend, according to iphone instagram: june 18, 2012

  1. Great pics and post! Sounds like a perfect weekend:)

  2. Loving your photos – Have a Great Day:)

  3. Those tulips are beautiful!

  4. Luscious breakfast! Love “Tender” – made a pea soup this afternoon inspired from it:)

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