bits of my weekend, according to instagram: july 16, 2012

{elderflower + hendrick’s gin at the beehive}

another good weekend.
a great one, even.
sampling the wares of a fabulous new eatery,
admiring the chic decor, and debating over delightful cocktails.
glasses of iced rose enjoyed while wearing sunnies and spf,
before moving on to the bigger picture: plates of tender braised octopus, grilled romaine salad, and buttery salmon.
early morning wake-up calls, followed by horizontal time at the pool,
rather than furiously hamster-wheel the sunshine away inside.
visits with family; family generous enough to rearrange their schedule just to do us a favor.
a uhaul trailer, some beads of sweat,
and the arrival of new (old) furniture that’s really only ‘new’ to “the clelands.”
a wedding gift to ed + dimpy, my grandparents, that after 60 years of service will make its home with us.
cheese boards, olives, a lazy walk through chautauqua with wine and dogs;
pork ribs, homemade barbecue sauce, and elotes – a perfect summer meal spent with even more perfect company.
coffee soaked mornings, spent indulging in mindless television and the luxury of lounging in pj’s much past the acceptable hour.
getting dressed only for pizza,
and not just any pizza, but our favorite pie.
chilled seafood salad and greens on the side, paired with a sneaky glass of red
to turn a quiet afternoon into a sunday event.
winding down the best way we know how, with generous friends,
new babes, a homecooked steak dinner, and a couple of cheeky pooches.
going back for seconds of the tomato tart.
oh that tomato tart.
an early bedtime to prepare for another summer week,
filled up already with lunch dates, dinner reservations, work, and projects.

enjoying the now, very much so.

{good reads}

{sussing out new grub}

{a favorite frock resurrected, circa 2005}

{rose hour}

{grilled salmon, pistou, munson farms corn and favas}

{and another, yes please}

{mid tummy scratch}

{post tummy scratch: pugatonic}

{monkeying around at the ‘office’ – a very dissatisfied baguette}

{coconut braised spinach + chickpeas over roasted sweet potatoes}

{stocking up on corn + ribs}

{must git mah raccoon.  must git mah raccoon.  must git mah raccoon.}

{heavenly ‘za}

{scene of the crime: sunday, 2:30PM, east pearl street}

{nude patent leather + glossy purple piggies}

{saturday night dessert preparations}

{a frittata kinda morning}

{espresso macchiato}

{suns out, tongues out}

10 responses to “bits of my weekend, according to instagram: july 16, 2012

  1. Life & Sunshine

    Oh boy did you have a yummy weekend!! Everything looks amazing:)

  2. so glad the raccoon made it to the blog!

  3. yum! yum! i love elderflower liqueur too! ps – the avocado salad is a new fave – even better as leftovers since the jalapeno infused.

  4. Great Photos – Have a Great Week:)

  5. Elderflower cocktails are my favorite- usually with something bubbly in it, too. Looks like a great weekend!

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