Hello There!

Regina Vegan at Eat & Relish

I made this blog to share healthy and comfortable vegan foods for free. I consider blogging as one of the best ways to express my ideas and to give others helpful information about a certain thing. I started blogging not so long ago, and I consider myself as an amateur blogger.

There are lots of people who are very concern about their health nowadays. I can’t blame them because in our present generation lots of foods are becoming the way to unhealthy plus different diseases are coming out of nowhere. I will make sure that all recipes that will be posted in this blog are vegan-friendly.

This blog also covers different cooking tips & tricks to improve anyone’s old way of cooking and to learn new secrets to make tasty yet healthy vegan recipes. Like using different alternative ingredients to eliminate unhealthy ones, the proper way of cooling to prevent bacteria build-ups, alternatives to grilled dishes to reduce the risk of cancer and a lot more.

I will also answer your questions and suggestions as long as I know the answer.  I have a “contact” page or just leave a comment on each post and I will do my best to respond asap.