4 Kitchen Pantry Ideas That Safely Store Your Spices

One of the most common problems in your kitchen pantry is the clutter. Another thing would be how boring it looks. To change that, you need to start checking out some of the kitchen pantry ideas for you.

Even if your kitchen pantry is small, there are plenty of solutions to it. With the right kitchen pantry ideas or small kitchen ideas, you will not feel bored by it. Some of these ideas might inspire you to be more creative:

1. The Labeled Pantry in The Kitchen

the labaled kitchen pantry ideas

It is normal to put a lot of stuff in the kitchen, whether it is cooking ingredients, snacks, or raw foods. As one of the small kitchen ideas, labelling each container here helps you to find which stuff you need for your next cooking project.

Besides putting the same-sized containers on the same shelf, there are two (2) ways that you can do with the labelling:

Use permanent, laminated stickers. You can either write labels with permanent markers or paint them. These labels will stick for a long time.

Just write on the surface of the containers. The disadvantage of this idea is when the writings may come off through time or friction between containers or against the wall.

2. The Pull-Out Drawer in Your Kitchen Pantry

pull-out drawer kitchen pantry ideas

This is one of the best solutions for your tiny kitchen. To save up some space, you can have one room for all your cooking stuff. If you do not have any, a decent drawer or cabinet is also enough to store them all.

Make sure you categorise each drawer for the same stuff. For example: put cartoned-stuff on top while the heaviest cooking stuff stays on the lowest shelf. Do not pull all the drawers altogether to avoid them getting stuck.

3. The Crates and Baskets in Your Kitchen Pantry

the basket kitchen pantry ideas

For your kitchen pantry ideas, here is another one to store your cooking stuff safely. Use some shabby-chic crates on the floor to put your things in them. Crates with wheels are easy to pull out when you need something. You can use baskets too.

If the crates or baskets are secondhand, make sure they are still in good condition. If they crates have no wheels, you can attach two pairs below. Since most crates are made of wood pallets, staining or finishing their surface will make them look better.

4. The DIY Pantry Spice Rack in Your Kitchen

diy kitchen pantry

Spices tend to spill and clutter easily if you do not store them properly. Since they can be put into different-sized jars, you need a proper rack like this one. Each line is for the same size of containers. You can even label each of them.

Some spices can be placed inside your fridge, but not all of them are good in a cold environment. Some spices are better in a room temperature area. That will keep them right in the quality that they need.

These are the 4 unique kitchen pantry ideas to store your cooking stuff and spices. Whether your kitchen is big or small, you can still use them or come up with a better combination. Either way, they still save some space in your kitchen.

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